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A Thank You Letter from a Repentant Husband

February 9, 2021

What does "waking up" look like for a husband who is recovering from sexual sin habits? And how can this waking up cause him to respond radically different to his wife and marriage? In this episode, we get to share a "thank you" letter that a repentant husband wrote to his wife, and what his words can reveal about the kinds of changes that need to happen in a husband if restoration is even to be possible.

Excerpt from the letter:

"Thank you for fighting for me, for yourself, for us. Even today you are still trying to save me.

I fought you, I fought God, I fought myself.

I hurt me, I hurt you, I hurt the heart of God.

Through it all, you never stopped fighting for me. How can I thank you?"

For the full text of the letter, go to TYLetter.PureSexRadio.com.

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