Love One Another

August 23, 2016

Special Guest: Dustin Daniels (

What does the journey from sexual brokenness to true wholeness and health look like? Dustin Daniels is a man who knows this journey well. He shares his story in this episode and highlights key insights for how to live a whole new life of sexual integrity and healthy relationships. 

Gateway Insights #10

August 16, 2016

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Hundreds of men have found healing and freedom from sexual strongholds through the Gateway to Freedom 3-day workshop. Many have shared their insights and breakthroughs with us, and even given permission to share those with others. This broadcast is a collection of some of these insights.

The Power of Immaturity

August 9, 2016

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Why do some people never grow up? Are there areas in your own life would remain stuck in immature thinking? This episode brings insight to this issue and practical ideas for overcoming immaturity.

What Every Man Wants

August 2, 2016

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Are men just sexual animals, or is there more to men than that? We believe men have more layers to their being than sexuality. This episode explores some of the deeper longings of men and how to connect in relationships in healthy ways. If you are a man who wants to better understand how to grow as a man, or a woman who wants to better understand what makes your man tick, this episode can be helpful.

Educate & Empower Your Kids

July 26, 2016

Every parent who cares about their children must face the realities of the sexualized culture we lives in. So, how do we help our kids manage their sexuality well in the world we live in? Dina Alexander is the founder and president of, and shares with us how to address sexuality with our kids in healthy, effective ways.


Women at the Well

July 19, 2016

Special Guest: Shannon Ethridge (

Many women are carrying hurt and wounds from sexual brokenness, whether it be someone else's brokenness that was poured into their lives or their own struggles with sexual heath. Our guest is Shannon Ethridge, a writer and speaker who knows how to help sexually broken women. Gain insights and practical tools for growing in sexual health and emotional balance.

Accountability Jumpstart

July 12, 2016

Special Guest: Jeff Fisher (

Accountability is essential to living a life of sexual integrity, but it causes many men to cringe with fear. Our guest on this episode is Jeff Fisher, founder of He shares his story and provides courage for men to get into the right environments for healing and growth.

Healing for the Betrayed

July 5, 2016

Special Guest: Gina Kaye (

Many women (and men) are facing the sexual betrayal of their spouse, and don’t know what to do. Our guest this week is Gina Kaye, a woman who has personally walked the path of healing from sexual betrayal. With humility and compassion, Gina provides great wisdom and practical tips for how to navigate through this difficult season. Listen to this podcast to hear Gina’s story and learn some next steps on your healing journey.

God Over Porn

June 28, 2016

This week's program features Jarrod Miller Sr., the founder of He shares his powerful story of salvation from porn and how God led him to use his transformation to help others find freedom too.


Can Women Struggle with Porn Too?

June 21, 2016

Porn has long been thought of as a "men's only" problem. But there are many women who also struggle with viewing pornography - even to the point of addiction. This week's guest, Jessica Harris, shares her person story of addiction to porn and how we can help women who are carrying this heavy secret.

Helpful Resource: Sexual Sanity for Women