How to Step Up Your Game

December 4, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Men, do you want to improve and grow as a man? If so, how do you do that? You must start by asking the right questions. This episode explores 9 key questions to help you "step up your game" as the man God called you to be.


A Wife’s Response to Betrayal Trauma

November 27, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Most of us get it that betrayal is wrong and hurtful. But do we understand that sexual betrayal in a marriage relationship is a traumatic experience? This episode unpacks the stories of many women who have experienced this trauma and how we can respond with grace and truth.

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When the Betrayed Spouse Cheats Too

November 20, 2018

Special Guest: Jessica McDaniel (

There are a lot of resources available to couples where one spouse acts out sexually and the other experiences betrayal. But what happens when the betrayed spouse ends up cheating too? Our guest, Jessica McDaniel, has personal experience with this scenario. She also has experience as a licensed counselor. She brings insights to this topic with professional authority and personal compassion.


Growing in Christ

November 13, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Fundamental to living a life of integrity and purpose is growing emotionally and spiritually. Ultimately, life boils down to one's connection with God. This episode unpacks what spiritual growth looks like and how it affects every area of life. If you want to grow in Christ, listen in for insights and inspiration.


9 Reasons Why Men Abuse Sex

November 6, 2018

We know that sexual addiction is real, but do we know why men abuse sex? Our guest, Eddie Capparucci, has lots of experience counseling men in this area. In this broadcast Eddie shares nine reasons why men might abuse sex and offers hope for breaking free.

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Insights for Life

October 30, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

This episode is a shotgun blast of ideas and insights to help you grow and mature. Stephen and Jonathan discuss the topics of love, aloneness, intimacy, personal uniqueness and value, disappointment, resentment, truth, and hope. Listen in to be challenged and encouraged in your journey toward greater integrity.


From Porn Pastor to Pure Desire

October 23, 2018

Nick Stumbo was a senior pastor with a porn struggle. This is not an uncommon story, but not all pastors with such a struggle are willing to bring it into the light. But Nick did bring it into the light and worked through healing with his church. Now he is the executive director of Pure Desire and helps lead others into the light of truth and grace regarding God's design for sexuality. Hear his story and his insights for living in the light. 

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Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr.

October 19, 2018

Special Guest: Kristen Jensen (

The world is awash in sex and pornography is affecting younger and younger children. How can parents address this issue even with their preschoolers and elementary aged children? Our guest, Kristen Jensen, has written an excellent book FOR children to understand the dangers of porn before they are traumatized by it. This episode is a review and explanation of the book, Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr. 


Helping Youth Understand Sexuality

October 16, 2018

Special Guest: Camille Cates

The confusion and questions surrounding sexuality are at an all-time high in our society. And for teenagers this seems magnified. How can parents and churches help young people understand and live out God's design for sexuality? Our guest, Camille Cates, has over 20 years of experience in helping teens navigate these questions and think deeper about design, identity, accountability, and love.

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Carrying a Heavy Burden (Part 2)

October 9, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

When betrayal trauma hits and the burden of pain and disappointment gets heavy, how is a wife to respond? What might it look like to bear this burden with integrity and purpose? Could this be a "heavenly mission" that produces something good? In this episode we share 7 key principles to help you carry such burdens with wisdom and grace.