Wives Care Groups

July 17, 2018

Special Guest: Gigi Hopkins (WivesCare.com)

Where can wives who have experienced betrayal by their husbands find hope and healing? In this episode we hear from our Wives Care Coordinator, Gigi Hopkins, and she shares more about the Online Care Groups and how they can benefit a wife seeking hope and healing. Learn more at http://WivesCare.com.

Download song Faithful One at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHKA2gKu_1A.


Minimalism and Integrity

July 10, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (HopeCounseling.com)

How do we as Christians deal with the secular idea that things or possesions brings us happiness? And what connection does this have to do with our integrity? In this episode Jonathan and Stephen share personally about this and give insights for how to live as people of peace and contentment -- learning to attach to people, not objects.

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Rest, Heal & Play

July 6, 2018

Special Guests: Steve & Jamie Wiechman (BreatheLifeToday.com)

We have Steve and Jamie Wiechman back with us on this episode (and this time, I pronounce their name right!). Steve and Jamie have a wonderful ministry to church leader couples who need encouragement and refreshment in the craziness of serving others. This episode explores how Steve & Jamie help couples learn to Rest, Heal and Play together.


Steve & Jamie’s Story

July 3, 2018

Special Guests: Steve & Jamie Wiechman (BreatheLifeToday.com) 

We love to tell stories on PSR of redemption and hope! Steve and Jamie Wiechman have a wonderful, imperfect story of brokennes, confusion, healing, and transformation. God has taken them on a journey of tremendous growth and insights, and this episode shares their story.  

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Emotional Training for Men 1.2

June 26, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (HopeCounseling.com)

Last episode we brought back the conversation about Emotional Training for Men and laid the groundwork for this important workbook. This episode we will unpack the specifics about the 7 weeks of emotional work we are inviting men to work on.

Download a FREE copy of Week 1 of the Emotional Training for Men workbook at http://etm-week1.puresexradio.com.


Emotional Training for Men 1.1

June 19, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (HopeCounseling.com)

After 15 years in ministry to sexually broken men we have learned this: every man needs emotional training. Too many assume that simply eliminating destructive and sinful behaviors will automatically produce an emotionally mature man. But it isn't that simple. Emotional and spiritual maturity takes work -- and time. This is a continuing conversation about the importance of emotional training for men and how to take your next step in that direction.

Download a FREE copy of Week 1 of the Emotional Training for Men workbook at http://etm-week1.puresexradio.com


The Journey to Forgiveness

June 12, 2018

Special Guest: Lynn Cherry (LynnMarieCherry.com)

What does the journey to forgiveness look like for a wife who has faced sexual betrayal from her husband? This is not something for a wife to take lightly. Nor can a wife ignore forgiveness and expect to be truly personally healthy. This is why we have Lynn Cherry on the program today. She is a woman who has traveled this road personally and has such deep and gracious wisdom to offer other wives who are walking this same path. 


There’s Still Hope!

June 8, 2018

Special Guests: Mark & Beth Denison 

We have back with us Mark and Beth Denison to share more about the insights they have gained from recovery and how they minister to other couples who have faced similar brokenness and pain. Learn more about Mark and Beth's ministry at http://www.TheresStillHope.org.


Mark & Beth’s Story

June 5, 2018

Special Guests: Mark & Beth Denison (TheresStillHope.org)

Mark was a pastor -- and a sex addict. He tried to "manage" his addiction while growing a ministry. But it didn't work. It all fell apart. This is the story of Mark and his wife Beth and the journey they went through to discover restoration and the joy of "living in the light" of truth and grace. May you be encouraged and inspired to live a life of greater integrity.


Let’s Pray!

May 29, 2018

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (HopeCounseling.com)

How often do you pause to pray? What does it look like to bring brokenness and questions and every part of life before the Creator? This episode will provide a model for prayer that we hope encourages listeners to point their hearts and minds heavenward. Send us your reflections on prayer on our Twitter feed @puresexradio.