Carter’s Story

July 18, 2017

Carter Featherson is a man who knows what it is to be broken by sin and made whole again by the grace of God. In this episode, Carter shares his amazing story with us and encourages us with insights he has gained along his journey.

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Healing from Trauma

July 11, 2017

Any wife who has faced sexual betrayal from her husband is acquainted with trauma. But what exactly is trauma and how can one heal from its effects? In this episode we welcome our Wives Care Manager, Gigi Hopkins, to help us understand what trauma is and how a wife can find hope and healing in the midst of it.

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First Steps to Purity Mentoring

July 4, 2017

We believe it is important to pass along what we learn to others in order to help them pass it along to even more. Thus, our Purity Mentoring program is all about training men to mentor other men in a life of daily purity. In this episode we hear from our Director of Training, Brian Waltmann, as he shares about the initial stages of mentoring and how you can apply these in your own life.


Parenting for Purity

June 27, 2017

Would any parent today disagree that raising children in today’s world is extremely difficult? Especially when it comes to issues of sexuality! That is why we invited our very own director of Pure Community, John Fort, to address this issue. He has loads of experience in this field and lots of practical advice for parents.


God’s Design for Sexuality

June 20, 2017

What do Christian Apologetics and sexuality have in common? More than you might imagine! This episode shares a segment of a webinar Jonathan gave for the Apologetics Academy on God's design and purpose for sexuality. 

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Holy Sexuality

June 13, 2017

Special Guest: Dr. Juli Slattery (

We simply can’t get enough of Dr. Juli Slattery, so we needed to have her back again. In this episode, Juli unpacks for us what “sexual discipleship” is all about and how we can grow in our understanding and application of God’s design and purpose for sexuality.


Meet Juli Slattery!

June 6, 2017

Dr. Juli Slattery is the co-founder and president of Authentic Intimacy, a wonderful ministry for women desiring to live out God’s design for sexuality. In this episode, Juli will tell us her story and how she got into this vital ministry and why it matters in our culture today.

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Life After Lust

May 30, 2017

If you have failed repeatedly in sexual sin, is there hope for a life of freedom and contentment beyond such failures? YES! In this episode, we have Forest Benedict back to share with us specific, practical insights from his book, Life After Lust. Gain inspiration and insights from this episode for your own pursuit of sexual integrity.


Forest’s Story

May 23, 2017

Forest Benedict is a licensed marriage and family therapist and sexual addiction treatment provider in California. He has a beautiful story of redemption and hope that we want to share with you. May you be encouraged and motivated by the freedom and joy that Forest found in Christ and recovery.

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Putting Together the Pieces

May 15, 2017

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Sometimes we just turn on the microphones and pour out ideas and insights we have learned over the years. This episode is full of miscellaneous thoughts and ideas to help you live every day with integrity and purpose. Send us feedback and ideas at