Sexual Healing and the Grace of God

February 12, 2019

Special Guest: David Kyle Foster (

Is there a standard for truth when it comes to dealing with issues of sexual brokenness? Is God's Word really true -- and good? Does God's Spirit still move today and touch broken lives? David Kyle Foster joins us in this episode to share his story and offer wisdom and insights from his 30+ years in full-time ministry to sexually broken people. Find hope, encouragement, and healing through this message of truth and grace.

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Insights and Action Steps for Men

February 5, 2019

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

For men who admit to a sexual struggle, the journey toward greater integrity requires intentional steps in the right direction. This episode is a collection of many key insights and action steps to help men gain traction and momentum in their pursuit of godly character.


Pain, Recovery, and Your Brain

January 29, 2019

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Your brain controls your body. Duh, right? But do we understand all the ways that the wiring of the brain affects and strengthens habits or behaviors? In this episode Jonathan and Stephen unpack excellent brain research from Dr. Norman Doidge to give you insight into how your brain works and how you can change unwanted patterns. 

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Pure Parenting Basics Overview

January 22, 2019

Special Guest: John Fort

It doesn't take much research to conclude that our American society is sexually confused. And parents, as the shapers of the next generation, are struggling to know how to address sexuality with their children. In this episode we will learn from John Fort, author of the Parenting for Purity online course, about how parents can help their kids navigate the sexual revolution with truth and confidence.

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Why Women Choose to Stay

January 15, 2019

Special Guest: MJ Denis (

When a woman faces sexual betrayal from her partner it is an overwhelming trauma. What choices does she have in response? And why would a woman choose to stay? In this episode we hear from MJ Denis, a counselor with experience in dealing with relational trauma and how to heal from it.

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A 7-Day Challenge for Emotional Growth

January 8, 2019

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Every man can grow in emotional maturity. But such growth does not occur organically, or without effort. It takes focus, and it matters what you focus on. This episode offers a 7-day challenge for men who want to take seriously their emotional growth.

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Emotional Insights for Men

January 1, 2019

Co-host: Stephen Cervantes (

Hundreds of men over the past 10 years have attended our Gateway to Freedom workshop. These weekend intensives help men unpack their stories and deal with their deepest wounds and sexual strongholds. Many men discover amazing insights into their emotional stuntedness. This episode reveals some of those insights and how to mature emotionally.

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Q&A Session with Jonathan

December 29, 2018

Jonathan Daugherty has over 15 years in vocational ministry to men struggling with sexual brokenness issues. This episode is a recording of a Q&A session with Jonathan for men in Atlanta. Listen in as he covers topics like masturbation, temptation, sex in marriage, parenting, and more.


What Does Integrity Require?

December 25, 2018

What are the key characteristics of a man of integrity? This episode is taken from a talk that Jonathan gave to a group of men in Atlanta earlier this year. Gain hope and insight for living every day in God's design.


Therapeutic Separation (Part 2)

December 21, 2018

Special Guest: MJ Denis (

When a couple faces the difficulty of sexual betrayal, what choices do they have for moving forward? Many couples feel they only have two options: stay or go. What about a third option? This 2-part program explores the option of therapeutic separation, with advice and insight from MJ Denis, a highly qualified counselor with experience in this field.

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