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Understanding Your “Flipped Out” Brain

Understanding Your “Flipped Out” Brain

June 1, 2021

How do anxiety and worry affect our lives, our sexuality, and even our biology -- especially our brains? In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Degler helps us understand in practical terms how our brains can "flip out" and how to bring it back into balance. If you would like greater balance and "sanity" in your life and sexual struggles, you won't want to miss this vital and insightful interview.

Learn more about Jennifer and her resources: JenniferDegler.com

Your Brain on Porn by Dr. Gary Wilson

Stress, Fear, and the Love of God Webinar

Avoiding the Fantasy Bubble

Avoiding the Fantasy Bubble

May 25, 2021

The realities of life can be difficult and painful. We want relief, but we often seek it in the form of escape into fantasy. In this episode, we explore the issue of fantasy and how to avoid what we call the "fantasy bubble" -- a place of unhealthy escape into imagination that pulls us away from truth and community instead of toward them. If you struggle with unhealthy fantasy, you will be encouraged and motivated with practical insights and actions to break free.

Book: Taking Every Thought Captive by Dr. Mark Laaser

Find a support group at Groups.Bebroken.com

A Hopeful Response to Church Leaders Struggling with Sexual Sin

A Hopeful Response to Church Leaders Struggling with Sexual Sin

May 18, 2021

"The danger is that for men and women in ministry there is little to no training, guidance, and supervision that is ever offered specifically in the area of sexual wholeness and integrity."

These words from our guest, Nick Stumbo, lay the foundation for this episode. Nick was a pastor for 15 years and now leads the sexual integrity ministry Pure Desire. Our conversation will unpack sexual sin and leaders in the church; what to do when a leader is struggling or failing, and how to better prepare leaders to cultivate a personal and corporate culture of sexual wholeness and integrity.

For pastors looking for confidential help: PureDesire.org.

Blog: The Christian Response to Moral Failure in the Church

Books: Setting Us Free: An Unexpected Journey of Grace

Safe: Creating a Culture of Grace in a Climate of Shame

Recovery by the Power of God’s Word

Recovery by the Power of God’s Word

May 11, 2021

Can any good come out of a 30-year sex addiction? Is God willing and able to use such a life for redemptive purposes? Thankfully, yes! In this episode, Steve Etner shares his story of deep sexual brokenness, his journey out of the dark and into the Light through the process of discipleship, and how he now helps other men break free from any unwanted sexual behaviors from a biblical framework. If you are a man looking for hope in what seems like a hopeless situation, find encouragement and inspiration from Steve's story and insights.

Learn more about Steve and his resources: ThePurityCoach.com

Grace-Based Recovery

More Resources for Men: Men.Bebroken.com

Discovering Truth and Grace in a Mixed-Orientation Marriage

Discovering Truth and Grace in a Mixed-Orientation Marriage

May 4, 2021

Every marriage has challenges related to sexual brokenness. In this episode, Matt and Laurie Krieg share their story of what can be called a "mixed-orientation" marriage, which means one spouse struggles with same-sex attractions. But far beyond the "label" Matt and Laurie want to share the beauty and purpose of God's design for marriage and sex that brings hope to other couples no matter the types of sexual brokenness that have affected their relationship.

Get Matt and Laurie's Book: https://lauriekrieg.com/impossible-marriage

More resources from Laurie: https://lauriekrieg.com

Counseling and Care: https://caringwell.net

What are Your “Sexpectations”?

What are Your “Sexpectations”?

April 27, 2021

God designed sex to give us a physical picture of what He desires in relationship with us: unbroken, unhindered intimacy. In this episode, Dr. Carol will help us understand God's beautiful design for sex and intimacy, and how this design can transform what she calls "sexpectations."

To learn more about Dr. Carol and her resources, visit DrCarolMinistries.com.

To enroll in the Sexpectations course, visit YourSexpectations.com/bebroken.*

*This is an affiliate link. Be Broken may earn referral fees on purchases through this link.

A Family Game Plan for Responding to Porn

A Family Game Plan for Responding to Porn

April 20, 2021

The number one request we get from parents is how to respond to discovering their child looking at porn. In this episode, John Fort shares about our new online course for parents and teens to go through together in answering this question. Join us as we give a summary of the content of this course and how parents and their kids can benefit. When you enroll, use coupon code PSR to get 10% off.

Learn more about the Family Game Plan course and enroll: GamePlan.PureLifeAcademy.org.

More Family Care Resources: Family.Bebroken.com

Collaborators on Course:

McKenzie Ekman of First-Image.org

Dan Martin of PureHope.net

John Fort of Bebroken.com

The Goal is Connecting

The Goal is Connecting

April 13, 2021

What if what you thought was your sexual brokenness problem isn't the actual thing that needs to be "fixed"? What if the solution ran much deeper than just behavior modification? In this episode, we highlight the need to pursue healthy and vibrant intimate connections with God and others. And merely stopping unhealthy sexual behaviors will never automatically create these intimate connections. Listen in to gain insights and practical questions to ask yourself to help you build deeper connections.

Devotional for couples: 40 Days to Oneness

Made for Purity Online Course

Breaking Free from Your Secret Habit

Breaking Free from Your Secret Habit

April 6, 2021

Millions of men view porn every day. Many of them don't want this to be part of their daily life. They want to break free from this secret habit. In this episode, our guest is Shawn Bonneteau. He shares honestly and openly about his own story and how his journey out of porn addiction is now helping other men find freedom too. If you're a man who wants to dig deep and discover a way out of porn, Shawn's story and insights will help you.

Links to connect with Shawn:

More men's resources: http://Men.Bebroken.com

Answering Questions Wives Have About Sex and Intimacy

Answering Questions Wives Have About Sex and Intimacy

March 30, 2021

A lot of Christian wives carry terrible burdens of shame and confusion over sexual intimacy in their marriages. In this episode, Tiffany Hardenberg helps answer many questions these wives have. Here are some of the questions Tiffany will tackle:

  • What challenges do most Christian wives face with experiencing sexual intimacy?
  • How would you reframe the conflicting sexual message of the culture and the Church to help wives understand and experience God's design for sex?
  • What impact does the "moral imbalance" of sexual expectations between men and women have on women/wives?

Join us for this important discussion to help wives break free from shame and find the hope and freedom God desires for their lives and marriages.

To learn more about Tiffany and her podcast, visit TiffanyHardenberg.com.

For more resources for wives, visit WivesCare.Bebroken.com.

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