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God Made Boys and Girls

God Made Boys and Girls

February 23, 2021

Gender is a hot topic in today's world, and parents are struggling to know how to navigate this issue with grace and truth. In this episode, Marty Machowski joins us to share from his book, God Made Boys and Girls, what God says about gender, sexuality, and identity. God has revealed to us His image in our very bodies. Learn to celebrate God's gracious gift of your unique gender and how to train up your children in the truth and grace of God's Word on this topic.

Learn more about Marty at MartyMachowski.com.

Get a copy of God Made Boys and Girls at NewGrowthPress.com.

For more Family Care resources, visit FamilyCare.Bebroken.com.

Best of: What Can We Learn from our Lust?

Best of: What Can We Learn from our Lust?

February 16, 2021

Originally aired: April 14, 2018

If you struggle with unwanted sexual behaviors, have you ever examined your lustful fantasies to understand your brokenness? And what can such discovery mean for recovery and wholeness? Our guest on this episode is Jay Stringer, a licensed counselor and researcher who has conducted research that reveals significant predictors of porn use. Listen in to gain insights into your own heart and behaviors.

Learn more about Jay at http://jay-stringer.com.

Get Jay's book, Unwanted: https://tinyurl.com/3rtit2dn

A Thank You Letter from a Repentant Husband

A Thank You Letter from a Repentant Husband

February 9, 2021

What does "waking up" look like for a husband who is recovering from sexual sin habits? And how can this waking up cause him to respond radically different to his wife and marriage? In this episode, we get to share a "thank you" letter that a repentant husband wrote to his wife, and what his words can reveal about the kinds of changes that need to happen in a husband if restoration is even to be possible.

Excerpt from the letter:

"Thank you for fighting for me, for yourself, for us. Even today you are still trying to save me.

I fought you, I fought God, I fought myself.

I hurt me, I hurt you, I hurt the heart of God.

Through it all, you never stopped fighting for me. How can I thank you?"

For the full text of the letter, go to TYLetter.PureSexRadio.com.

Resources for Men: Men.Bebroken.com

Resources for Wives: WivesCare.Bebroken.com

Am I a Werewolf?

Am I a Werewolf?

February 2, 2021

A man at Gateway to Freedom, our 3-day weekend workshop, once said, "I think I am a werewolf." What an alarming statement! What he meant was he feels like he becomes a different "being" when night falls and his addictive patterns emerge.

In this episode, we will unpack what this kind of dividedness means and how to address it with hope and grace, not confusion and shame.

Discover your true identity in Christ and learn to declare, "I am a beloved child of God" instead of continuing to live out of the false identity of your addiction.

For more information about Gateway to Freedom, visit GTF.Bebroken.com.

For more resources for men, visit Men.Bebroken.com.

Helping Wives Recover from the Aftershock of Sexual Betrayal

Helping Wives Recover from the Aftershock of Sexual Betrayal

January 26, 2021

Sexual betrayal is a tidal wave of pain, confusion, and grief for a wife. It can feel like the very underpinnings of her life have been destroyed; kind of like an emotional earthquake. In this episode, Geremy Keeton introduces Aftershock, a powerful book he co-wrote with Joann Condie to help wives overcome the pain of their husband's secret sin and gain a plan for recovering from such betrayal.

Get your copy of Aftershock at FocusontheFamily.com/Aftershock

Online Course for Wives: Rebuilding Trust After Betrayal

For more Wives Care Resources, visit WivesCare.Bebroken.com

Is There Hope After Divorce Due to Sexual Betrayal?

Is There Hope After Divorce Due to Sexual Betrayal?

January 19, 2021

How does a homeschooling mom of 4 young children find hope and healing after divorce due to her husband's long-term sexual betrayal? In this episode, Andrea Rogers shares her story and offers insights of hope for women who are struggling to know how to "live again" after such traumatic betrayal.

Learn more about Andrea and her coaching at FullyAliveCoachingLLC.com.

Insights from a Brother in Recovery

Insights from a Brother in Recovery

January 12, 2021

Recovery from sexually addictive patterns takes time. But is this long road of recovery worth it? In this episode, we learn from one brother who shares insights from his first year in recovery; insights about confession, shame, freedom, growth challenges, deep peace, rebuilding relationships, and more. If you are a man who longs for true sobriety and freedom, join us today.

For more integrity resources for men, visit Men.Bebroken.com.

Best of 2020: Going Deeper: How Your Inner Child Impacts Your Sex Addiction

Best of 2020: Going Deeper: How Your Inner Child Impacts Your Sex Addiction

January 5, 2021

Program originally aired: April 14, 2020

Do you struggle with answering the "why" question surrounding your sexually addictive behaviors? What is underneath these compulsive actions? In this episode, Eddie Capparucci helps us unpack what he describes as your "inner child" and how understanding who this is will unlock significant growth in your recovery.

For more info on Eddie and his ministry, visit InnerChild-SexAddiction.com.

Best of 2020: Helping Husbands Learn & Practice Empathy

Best of 2020: Helping Husbands Learn & Practice Empathy

December 29, 2020

Program originally aired: March 10, 2020

When a husband has betrayed trust in his marriage, there is a lot of healing his wife must go through. But is there anything the husband can do to help her heal (besides aggressively engaging his own recovery)? YES! In this episode, we hear from Carol the Coach, who has years of experience in helping husbands learn and practice empathy with their hurting wives. Men, listen up! This episode could change the rest of your life and marriage.

Learn more about Carol the Coach and her resources at CarolTheCoach.com.

Best of 2020: Helping a Wife Heal

Best of 2020: Helping a Wife Heal

December 22, 2020

Program originally aired: February 4, 2020

When a wife has faced the painful trauma of sexual betrayal, what can her husband do to help her heal? In this episode, Barbara Steffens helps us navigate this delicate question. She has many years of experience in helping wives heal, and this experience offers lots of wisdom for husbands who want to change. May this program offer you hope and insight for taking positive next steps toward healing.

For resources to help wives heal, visit WivesCare.Bebroken.com.

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