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50 Things to Do When Your Core Fear Gets Triggered

September 7, 2021

We all live with a core fear of some kind, a belief deep in our soul that states we aren't worthy or that we will be rejected or make a mistake and fail (and more; core fears are personal). Ultimately, core fear drives you to believe that others won't like you and they would reject you if they really knew you. In this episode, we brainstorm (on air) 50(ish) things to do when your core fear gets triggered. There is hope for responding to core fear in healthy ways and we want to model for you an exercise that can help you do this well.

Untangling Emotions by Groves and Smith

An app to help you when you are triggered (in any way): Triggered.app

Blog post: How are You Handling Stress? Try These 5 Exercises

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