Pure Sex Radio

Good Questions for Women to Ask Men

July 7, 2020

Are you a single woman who desires to be married, or maybe are already in a dating relationship that has potential for marriage? Then this episode will help you to ask strategic questions of your boyfriend to understand him better and make an informed decision about whatever the next steps might be in the relationship. These questions were developed by men for the sake of helping women know a man much, much better.

The Questions:

  • Ask him to make all the plans for one month.
  • Does he do a lot of "lovey dovey" talk?
  • Ask when and how he was introduced to porn.
  • How does he manage sexual struggles?
  • What is he doing to train himself to practice self-control?
  • What are his boundaries for watching TV and movies?
  • How does he handle stress?
  • How dose he handle differences?
  • Is he insightful about himself?
  • Does he listen to know you or to "work" you?
  • What are his values?

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