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Help and Hope for Women to Heal from Sexual Abuse

August 24, 2021

Countless women suffer in silence from past sexual abuse. Are there any safe places within the church for women to tell their stories and heal from past abuse? In this episode, Dr. James Reeves shares his 30+ years of experience in helping women (and men) heal from sexual brokenness struggles, including sexual abuse. He shares a message of great hope and a new resource that is helping women around the globe to heal from past sexual abuse.

The Fearless Series for Women covers:

  • The Prevalence of sexual abuse
  • The Problems that manifest from abuse
  • The Priority for the Church to get involved
  • The Prevention of abuse
  • The Pathway to healing

Get the Fearless Series: FS4Women.com

More Resources for Women: Women.Bebroken.com

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