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How (False) ”Grace” is Perpetuating Abuse in the Church

December 7, 2021

So many stories have come to the surface over recent decades about pastor after pastor who has been living a double life that has hidden all kinds of sexual brokenness and sin. Much pain has been left in the wake of these stories.

In this episode, we read a blog post from Allison Fallon about her personal story of how this kind of betrayal played out in her own life. Then we spend time unpacking some of the key factors that often establish and perpetuate environments of hidden abuse within the church, such as isolation, unchecked and unaccountable power, pride, and even hiding behind one’s “calling.”

We close with giving hope and insights for how true grace-based environments can fight against these kinds of sins and abuses. We hope this episode will help both individuals and leaders to recognize the warning signs of danger and how to fight for truth and genuine grace.

Read Allison's blog post at AllisonFallon.com/grace.

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