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How Parents Can Leverage Their Story of Brokenness to Help Their Kids Pursue Integrity

December 21, 2021

Today my guest is John Fort, the Director of Training at Be Broken and also a family care specialist. John brings a background in education and addiction recovery that gives him a unique perspective on dealing with sensitive issues in today’s modern family. He is also an experienced parent who can understand firsthand the challenges and difficulties of raising kids in a sex-saturated culture.

In our discussion, we highlight the importance of parents being transparent with their kids about their history of sexual brokenness and leverage these conversations to help their kids navigate their own struggles with sexual topics and questions. This conversation deals with the fears that both parent and child likely have, how emotions connect to sexuality, and some practical applications to help families be more open about the ongoing journey from brokenness to wholeness in Christ.

For help having these conversations, get John’s book: Honest Talk: A New Perspective on Talking to Your Kids About Sex.

More Resources for Parents:

Emotional Resilience (online course)

A Family Game Plan for Responding to Porn (online course)

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