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Why Men Need to Practice Sadness

November 30, 2021

There is one simple starting point for men who want to work on emotional development: practice sadness. This may be overly simple, even simplistic. But after engaging with hundreds of men for over 30 years, counselor Stephen Cervantes has discovered that most men hate dealing with sadness. They don’t know how to practice sadness.

Most men think emotions are messy. They hate when women cry. They think sadness is sloppy, crazy, and unnecessary emotion. Most men are good at positive emotions such as fun, play, laughter, and pleasure. They are not so good at disappointment and sadness.

In this episode, we explore the issue of sadness in men and how men can better practice sadness well. We unpack the impact of fathers in training their sons to avoid or ignore sadness. Finally, we help men see sadness as an asset to growth and maturity rather than a liability.

More resources for men: Men.Bebroken.com

Book: Untangling Emotions by Groves and Smith

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